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5th annual uniform voting tournament
starts December 12

What is the Uniform Voting Tournament?

Since 2017, we have hosted a Uniform Voting Tournament every December on our Instagram page (@collegebaseballhub). In this tournament, 64 Division 1 teams are selected to "compete" in a March Madness style bracket where college baseball fans determine which team has the best uniforms using the poll feature on Instagram stories. In 2020, we expanded to also include votes from Twitter polls.

Last year's tournament broke 2.32 million total votes, bringing the total to over 6.4 million votes since 2018.

How the 64 teams are selected

Up until 2020, the 64 teams included in the tournament were the same 64 teams that made the NCAA Tournament in May. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the 2020 season, there was no field of 64 to use. This forced us to switch to a nomination format, which generated a ton of positive feedback by our followers. As a result, the nomination format is here to stay. Therefore, the 64 schools that received the most nominations will be included in this year's tournament.

Previous Winners

Vanderbilt was crowned the best uniform in college baseball in 2017, 2018, and 2019. This forced us to create a new rule: The previous year's winner will not be included in the next year's Uniform Voting Tournament. Because of this rule, Ole Miss (the 2020 winner) will not be included in this tournament, but will be back in December of 2022.