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2022 Uniform Voting Tournament

It's time for our 6th annual D1 Uniform Voting Tournament! Starting on Saturday, December 10th, you will be able to vote for your favorite college baseball uniforms on both our Instagram AND Twitter pages! The school that receives the most total votes from both platforms will advance to the next round, until a winner is crowned.

Check out the hashtag #2022UniformTournament for all posts related to the tournament.

What is the Uniform Voting Tournament?

Since 2017, we have hosted a Uniform Voting Tournament every December on our Instagram page @collegebaseballhub. In this tournament, 64 Division 1 teams are selected to "compete" in a March Madness style bracket where college baseball fans determine which team has the best uniforms using the poll feature on Instagram stories. In 2020, we expanded to also include votes from Twitter polls.

Last year's tournament broke 2.3 million total votes, bringing the total to over 9.0 million votes since the tournament's inception in 2017.

The Field of 64

Since 2020, we have have used a nomination format to select the field of 64 teams. In November, we allowed our followers to nominate their favorite uniforms. The 64 teams that received the most nominations were included in this year's tournament.

If you do not see your favorite school in this year's tournament, make sure to get those nominations in next November!


12/10 Round of 64 (Left Side of Bracket)

12/11 Round of 64 (Right Side of Bracket)

12/12 Round of 32 (Left Side of Bracket)

12/13 Round of 32 (Right Side of Bracket)

12/14 Sweet 16

12/15 Elite 8

12/16 Final 4

12/17 Championship

12/18 Winner Announced

Bracket Challenge

Online bracket challenge.


Download the bracket.

2022 Uniform Tournament Bracket
Download PDF • 30KB

Previous Winners

Vanderbilt was crowned the best uniform in college baseball in 2017, 2018, and 2019. This forced us to create a new rule: The previous year's winner will not be included in the next year's Uniform Voting Tournament. Because of this rule, North Carolina will not be included in this tournament, but will be back in December of 2023.

Go Vote

Head to our Instagram and Twitter page starting December 10th to cast your vote for your favorite uniforms in college baseball!


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