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EST. September 1, 2016

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In 2016, we noticed a glaring hole in national sports coverage: nobody was talking about college baseball. And we don't just mean Division I, which usually only received attention during the College World Series in Omaha every June, but also the Division II, Division III, and NAIA levels as well. 

In addition to the lack of active coverage around the sport, there were very few resources for prospective student-athletes to learn about opportunities at the different levels. The lack of centralized information forced players and parents, who knew nothing of how college baseball was organized or operated, to gather information from obscure sources while they tried to piece together the college baseball landscape.

With the lack of coverage and information about college baseball, we saw the perfect opportunity to give current student-athletes the recognition they deserved, while also empowering younger athletes with tools on their recruiting journey.


Our vision is to provide a one-stop-shop, college baseball news and information resource for high school players, junior college players, 4-year players, parents, fans, coaches, alumni, and anyone else to learn about college baseball. By centralizing information on both our website and social media platforms, it flattens the learning curve, making it easier for potential fans and players to understand and appreciate baseball at the collegiate level. Everything we currently do, and plan to do, is in the interest of growing the sport's popularity on a national scale.
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