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Ole Miss Wins 2020 Uniform Voting Tournament

For the first time since our Uniform Voting Tournament's inception in 2017, Ole Miss has been named the favorite uniforms in college baseball!

Over the last 8 days, our followers on Instagram and Twitter have been voting in a single elimination tournament for their favorite uniforms via the poll feature on Twitter and Instagram stories. Each round, our followers voted for their favorite uniforms in a head to head matchup, and the team with the most total votes between both Instagram and Twitter advanced to the next round.

After 2.32 MILLION total votes, Ole Miss was declared this year's champion.

Ole Miss was also named the winner of our College World Series Voting Tournament that took place in April. In this unique voting tournament, our followers voted on who they thought would've won it all in Omaha had the season not been cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information on that voting tournament.


We had a record breaking year, recording over 2.32 MILLION total votes throughout the course of this tournament. This brings our total to 6.4 MILLION votes since 2018.

Round of 64

Ole Miss 39,362 (95.3%)

UNC Asheville 1,932 (4.7%)

Round of 32

Ole Miss 30,019 (87.8%)

Alabama 4,183 (12.2%)

Sweet 16

Ole Miss 30,954 (79.3%)

Tulane 8,101 (20.7%)

Elite 8

Ole Miss 26,995 (76.0%)

Texas A&M 8,520 (24.0%)

Final 4

Ole Miss 27,285 (75.1%)

Tennessee 9,040 (24.9%)


Ole Miss 16,578 (55.1%)

North Carolina 12,521 (44.9%)

Total votes in the tournament: 2,324,528

Total votes for Ole Miss: 171,193

2021 Tournament

In 2018 & 2019, the 64 teams included in our Uniform Voting Tournament were the same 64 teams that make the NCAA Tournament in May. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the 2020 season, there was no field of 64 to use for this year's tournament. As a result, we asked our followers to nominate their favorite uniforms in November, and the top 64 teams in nominations were included in this year's tournament.

We received a ton of positive feedback regarding the nomination process, as compared to using the 64 teams that made the NCAA Tournament. Because of this feedback, we have decided to carry that process into the 2021 Uniform Voting Tournament. So be on the lookout to nominate your favorite college baseball uniforms next November!

Winner's Corner

Ole Miss joins Vanderbilt as the second school to win this voting tournament. In 2019, we announced a new rule that the winner of the Uniform Voting Tournament would have to sit out the following year, which is why Vanderbilt did not participate in this year's tournament. This means that Vanderbilt is eligible to participate in the 2021 tournament, while Ole Miss will have wait until 2022 to reclaim their title.

Always Grind

We would like to say a special thank you to Always Grind for sponsoring this voting tournament!

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