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Tennessee Wins 2022 Uniform Tournament

The University of Tennessee has been crowned the champion of our 6th Annual D1 Uniform Tournament!

Last month, our followers on Instagram and Twitter voted for their favorite college baseball uniforms in a single elimination tournament using the poll feature on Twitter and Instagram stories. Each round, our followers voted for their favorite uniforms in a head to head matchup, and the team with the most total votes between both platforms advanced to the next round.

After 1.66 MILLION total votes and 6.7 MILLION impressions, the Volunteers were declared the 2022 champion.


Since our tournament's inception in 2017, we have recorded over 10.6 MILLION total votes, averaging 28,211 votes per poll.

Round of 64

Tennessee - 20,607 (89.1%)

Alabama State - 2,347 (10.9%)

Round of 32

Tennessee - 22,975 (86.7%)

Old Dominion - 3,533 (13.3%)

Sweet 16

Tennessee - 22,276 (80.6%)

NC State - 5,350 (19.4%)

Elite 8

Tennessee - 17.635 (50.03%)

Vanderbilt - 17,617 (49.97%)

Final 4

Tennessee - 23,765 (52.7%)

Ole Miss - 21,302 (47.3%)


Tennessee - 18,727 (54.3%)

Notre Dame - 15,776 (45.7%)

Bracket Challenge

Thank you to everyone that participated in the bracket challenge! Our winner earned 171 points, including correctly predicting a perfect Elite 8 through the finals!

You can view the tournament results and predictions HERE.

Winner's Corner

Tennessee joins Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and North Carolina as the fourth school to win this voting tournament. In 2019, we announced a new rule that the winner of the Uniform Voting Tournament would have to sit out the following year, which is why North Carolina did not participate in this year's tournament. This means that North Carolina is eligible to participate in the 2023 tournament, while Tennessee will have wait until 2024 to reclaim their title.


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