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Vanderbilt Wins 3rd Consecutive D1 Uniform Voting Tournament

For the 3rd year in a row, Vanderbilt University has been named the favorite uniforms of college baseball by the college baseball community!

Over the past 8 days, our followers on Instagram, as well as Foul Pole Sports and Prospect Dugout, have been voting in a single elimination tournament for their favorite uniforms via the poll feature on Instagram stories. Each round, our followers would choose which uniforms they liked better, and the team with the most total votes between the 3 accounts would advance to the next round.

After nearly 2.3 MILLION total votes, it was decided that Vanderbilt once again were the favorites in college baseball.



Here is a breakdown of Vanderbilt's path to the championship:

Round of 64

Vanderbilt: 40,936

Florida A&M: 3,044

Round of 32

Vanderbilt: 32,995

Georgia Tech: 6,773

Sweet 16

Vanderbilt: 27,777

Oregon State: 5,328

Elite 8

Vanderbilt: 23,914

TCU: 8,604

Final 4

Vanderbilt: 19,734

North Carolina: 14,712


Vanderbilt: 11,228

Ole Miss: 6,682

Total votes in the entire tournament: 2,277,953

Total votes for Vanderbilt: 156,584


New Rules

As we announced on Instagram, we will be implementing new rules for the 2020 Uniform Voting Tournament next December. Those new rules are as follows:

- The tournament will include the 64 teams that made the 2020 NCAA Tournament.

- From here on, the previous year's winner of our Uniform Tournament will not be included in the next year's tournament. This means that Vanderbilt will not be included in our tournament again until 2021.

- If Vanderbilt makes the 2020 NCAA Tournament, which we all know is likely, our followers will get to nominate a team that did NOT make the NCAA Tournament to replace them as a "Wild Card" to complete the field of 64!


Thank you to everyone for participating in this year's D1 Uniform Voting Tournament and we look forward to covering the upcoming college baseball season in 2020! Be on the lookout for a big announcement on January 1st....


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