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CBH's Off-Season Social Media Schedule

After a summer that featured the MLB Draft, conference realignments, and rule changes for the 2023 season, we are excited to launch our off-season social media schedule.

For those that are new to our platform, we split our social media posting style into two main periods: in-season (February-June) and off-season (September-January). In-season posts center around current events happening in the sport, such as weekly stat leaders and top 25 rankings. The purpose of this is to grow the sport's popularity on a national scale by giving current student-athletes the recognition they deserve.

Off-season posts, however, are geared toward providing recruiting information for prospective student-athletes while also honoring college baseball's past. Check out what we have in store...

College of the Day - Presented by Press Sports

The longest running series on our page, College of the Day has become a useful tool for student-athletes to get a snapshot of different programs across the country. Since 2016, we have highlighted over 500 schools spanning across DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA. By putting these schools in the spotlight, it not only recognizes the program's accomplishments, but exposes thousands of high school and JUCO players to programs they never knew existed. This may inspire them to reach out to that program, or just gain a better understanding of the college baseball landscape. These posts will run twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

MLB Monday - Presented by Ball Player's Balm

Every professional athlete has a unique story. This includes MLB players, many of which played baseball at the collegiate level. Every Monday during the off-season, we highlight a former college baseball player that ended up making it to The Show (past or present). We detail out where/when they went to college, their college stats, when they were drafted, and summarize their MLB accomplishments. This helps fans gain appreciation for both the player's journey and the schools that produce major-league talent.

Facility Friday - Presented by Ballpark Hub

One of the newer series to our off-season schedule, Facility Fridays feature a different college baseball venue across the country every week. We create a bird-eye mockup of the field, as well as provide some key information about the park itself. We run this series in collaboration with our partner account, Ballpark Hub, which is a dedicated social media page that highlights professional and college baseball stadiums. Make sure to give it a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Uniform Voting Tournament

This December, take part in our 6th annual College Baseball Uniform Voting Tournament on our Instagram and Twitter pages! In this march madness-style voting tournament, fans vote for their favorite college baseball uniforms. The 64 teams in the tournament are selected based on the number of nominations that each team receives, so be on the lookout to nominate your favorite uniforms in November!

Follow Along

We are excited to bring you another off-season full of college baseball content. Follow along to see our weekly posts!


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